Fourth of July Vintage Haul

It's that time of the year again -- the most phenomenal garage sale in the land: The Our Lady of Sorrow Trash and Treasure Sale. For a second year, I'm sharing a sneak peek of the distinct treasures I uncovered before the epic July 4th sale. 

But first, the details: The sale is held each year as part of OLS' annual Fourth of July Festival. It's free to the public at 9 a.m., but you can pay $5 to get in  at 8 a.m. It's worth it to pay, because people line up before dawn for this sale. It's that good. More than 10,000 items are displayed inside the 13,000-square foot air conditioned gym, with furniture and art in the parking deck. You can get all the details at the OLS Trash and Treasure Facebook page.  Volunteers work year round, including an entire month leading up to the event. It. Is. Spectacular.

Here's a sneak peek of what I found. Let's start with some items that are waiting there for you now: bamboo shelving, leopard print boots, beautiful entire sets of china (think: Noritake), a gigantic salt and pepper collection, a really sweet hostess set (though I think I like the packaging more than the china), and a lot of silver and brass. Like volunteers were carrying it by the box load.

I also love all the vintage luggage. It's in the parking structure, next to some fabulous rugs:

This beautiful bowl:

And these shoes, which are marked "Boutique Bootery." Someone must find and purchase them:

Now, what came home with me? This little acrylic chair:

One statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. One gold purse:

Two pair of shoes. Two woven totes. One cat statue (left), who will join the grand tradition of Pretty Kitty and Angry Kitty, both purchased at previous OLS sales. Meow:

One 1976 bicentennial belt buckle, along with his friends sewing kit and 1972 Simplicity patterns:

The book and clothing selection this year was phenomenal. I found a ton of incredible titles. This book on Birmingham was written in 1971:

This year there were also a ton of vintage self-help books, which I love. Also included in this stack, "Yoga Over Forty" from 1965 (we're not doing anything new!) and "Emotional Hygiene: The Art Of Understanding," a US Army nursing textbook from the 1940s, which deserves its own separate blog!

Pose of a Lion!

This copy of "Success Digest" was tucked into another title, and boy, does it have some gems. It was basically a mail order catalog for various programs promising people the chance to get rich, have X-ray vision, be beautiful and find a husband/lose weight:

I paired some of my favorite finds together. Like this dress, which Peggy Olsen would have worn, along with this Zig Ziglar classic:

This fabulous yellow linen dress, which I plan on wearing to Tuscany (even though it's paired with a German book.)

This disco number still with the tags -- $298 BCBG, purchased for under $5. Paired with "Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am" from 1969. Let's go to the disco!

And this 80s number, which I imagine wearing as a guidance counselor in 82. Or 17. 

And those are just the highlights. Gets me SO excited. Hope it gets you excited too. 

The good folks at OLS are waiting for you. Happy hunting. xo