Weekly Roundup June 16 Edition

Happy Friday! So much going on at Gold Shoe HQ. In a nutshell: 70s revised, Italian honeymoons and a major new writing project** on the horizon.

Let's begin!

Last night I went to this very cool macrame class at West Elm Birmingham. While macrame is very on trend, I've always had a thing for 70s still (see: being the Bicentennial Baby; growing up in an 80s Florida ranch heavily influenced by 60s/70s style). Lately I've been scrolling through macrame wall hangings on Etsy, and when I found out our local West Elm was offering a class I was all, "Hey I'll bring the Tab!" 

The workshop was taught by the very lovely and patient Bonnie Poore, a local jewelry and fiber artist (who is also a medical economics analyst with a public health degree). Oh and she's a mom-to-be, so basically is an all around badass. I love that she brought her grandmother's macrame books and shared how she learned from her. 

Bonnie was SO patient with each of us as she explained the basics of three knots, demonstrating technique and helping those of us who have about seventeen thumbs (er, me). I was fairly certain that I'd be the only person who wouldn't be able to get it and I might leave weeping, but Bonnie was so reassuring, taking her time with each of us till we were making square knots like pros. 

I can't wait to hang my plant hanger in my breakfast nook/jungle room, which I've slowly and steadily been working on this summer. Thank you West Elm for hosting these classes that connect local makers with local makers-in-training. More please!

Things have gone out and come in to the house during this continued season of transition. Last week I had a garage sale, which, while not a financial win, provided a great chance to drink coffee, hang out with friends, and meet some characters. I adored Ambers the jewelry collector (pictured below). She told me that when she considers buying an item she holds it to feel the energy. You have to be careful about what you bring into your home, she said. Amen sister. 

Later in the week I found my car driving into America's Thrift Store in Alabaster, where I scored two pink chairs and a fabulous bar cart, which I'll use for plants. Hello lovelies.


Booked this week: Columbia, South Carolina, Los Angeles, and three nights in Capri, where I'll tag along (invited) on a certain honeymoon.  I've started calling this my "Eat, Pray, Love" summer. For the record, two of these involve work. So maybe I should call it Eat Pray Love Work?  Either way I'm thankful for the opportunities that continue to unfold and trying to trust the process. 

I used to edit this column called "Ask A Local" in which you'd go to a city and build an itinerary based entirely from recommendations of locals you met along the way. (Of course it didn't always work out that way, because someone would always send you to Applebee's, but the idea isn't a bad one.) This is how I'm approaching things these days -- like in every destination there's another clue to a next step. 

What I Wrote

I'm thrilled to now a contributing writer for AdWeek. Here are two contributions their annual Creative 100: 

10 Branded Content Masters Who Bring True Craft To Consumerism

12 Digital Innovators Who Are Crafting, Coding, and Advancing A More Interesting World

20 Rising Brand Stars Who Are Helping Make Chicago A Hub For Marketing, Tech, and Culture

And if you missed it, this week I published an updated travel story on Pensacola here

**I'm taking on a great new project that I'll be able to announce any day. Can't wait to share!

What I Read/Listened To/Tried

Mid-life alert! have tried about eight million pillows in the past week, trying to find the right one for my neck. I wake up with debilitating headaches, and despite intensive PT and Pilates (which I returned to in baby steps this week), the mornings are rough. Relax The Back has a program that lets you take home a pillow for five days to test it out. So far Cinderella hasn't found her slipper and is still trying. Any recommendations? 

The Unruffled Podcast: Thrifting and Repurposing Your Life

Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas' podcast explores all topics related to creativity + recovery and is so, so good. As a fellow creative and thrifter, this episode felt like talking with my tribe. Even if you're not in active recovery, if you're into thrifting I'd highly recommend. 

Looking Back On A Gay Nightclub That Almost Wasn't

Shared by my friend George Diaz of The Orlando Sentinel, this piece remembers what Pulse was before the horrific tragedy of one year ago. It's an important back story about a place that brought joy and fostered community until that terrible night. A must-read.

Ok, that's it for now. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, especially mine, the incredible Hugh Shaw. xo, ESS