Made South Birmingham

Several years ago, I met with a young entrepreneur who came to the Southern Living offices. At the time one of the columns I managed was called "Made in the South." This was still the beginning of the resurgence of locally crafted, Southern made goods, and the young man, Christopher Thomas, came to speak with us about his new business called Made South. At the time, it was a subscription box filled with Southern made goodies. I remember him eagerly sharing his story of how he found the artisans and packaged the treats alongside his young family. 

They mailed their subscription boxes for two years, and though they've stopped doing that, they've started to produce events throughout the region that spotlight Southern artists and makers. And they've picked our town* to be the next stop. 

This weekend, June 2-3, Made South comes to Hoover. (And yes, Hoover is the suburbs, but it's part of the greater Metro Birmingham area, so get in your car and drive 15 minutes, K?)

“We have dear friends who live in Birmingham, so we've spent a lot of time there over the years and have really fallen in love with the area," Chris says. "From the moment we decided to expand our events this year, I knew we wanted to come to the Birmingham/Hoover area.”

It works like this: 100 local and regional makers set up their goods. Mississippi-based Eat Y'all coordinates the food, which is provided by local and regional chefs and restaurants. (Here's a more about the partnership between Made South and Eat Y'All. Great minds.)

As for this weekend, in addition to scouting out new makers, I'm particularly looking forward to the Hero Doughnuts and Piper and Leaf Tea,  among treats served at a preview party a few weeks back. Below is a list of folks who will be on hand too: 

I really dig this. First: having a maker event in multiple cities makes it accessible. (Franklin, Atlanta and Louisville are next.) 

And while I don't know a ton of names on this list, I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. It's another good event to add to our maker community (Southern Makers moves here this August; Make Bhm recently celebrated its grand opening).

We're a community of makers -- and a region of makers too. I do love watching this evolution. Yours in making, Erin