Weekly Roundup June 1 Edition

June is here! This morning I was out walking and this word came to me: "alignment." I don't know if it's from all my time spent in physical therapy and Pilates, but it strikes me that I'm coming into alignment in general. So many opportunities are presenting themselves, which I'm most grateful for. This week marked a year since a car accident that sent me way out of alignment physically. But those injuries also helped me connect with people who helped me make lasting changes to the way that I move my body, hold pain, and move through the challenges and joys of every day life. 

I love the chance to come into alignment with my purpose. This morning, walking in my neighborhood and writing in my kitchen, and planning travel and stories for the summer -- none of it would be possible if I was living half-asleep. Being awake is difficult and painful at times, but it's the only away I can get into true alignment. It's a remarkable feeling, and I wish it for everyone.  Have a great weekend, ESS  


Is at the top of the list this week! We spent past five days in Gulf Breeze, Florida, for Memorial Day weekend, where we are visiting with the professor's dad. It was lovely lovely to wake up, drink coffee by the pool, and then watch Nate swim all day. We've done a lot more around Pensacola, which I'll write about soon. A few highlights below**

**What I'm Reading/Listening To/Eating/Wearing

Eating: I had two great meals in Pensacola, both by old friends. One was lunch at Union Public House, a Southern style gastropub owned by Blake Rushing and Patrick Bolster. Can you say "poutine fries?"  (photo right, above)

That, plus a drum sandwich and side of collards were spectacular. The other was our anniversary dinner, celebrated at Jackson's Steakhouse. It's where we at the night we were engaged 14 years ago next month (!). I've been writing about Chef Irv Miller forever, and really enjoyed catching up with him. He's writing a book about oysters, and had seen a book I helped write last year about oysters. I had the lionfish, which was delicious. Lionfish is a highly invasive species, and Chef Irv is leading the way in helping bring it to the table. Love him! 

Listening to: to Rob Bell's "What Is The Bible: How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform The Way You Think And Feel About Everything." 

I love his conversational style (especially the way he makes himself laugh, which is just as great when he does The Robcast, his podcast.) Snagged tickets to see him on his Bible Belt tour when it comes to Birmingham next month. While I'm not finished with the book, I appreciate how it opens up the door for exploration for people who would never otherwise have read The Bible. One of the things that's struck me the most is how he says The Bible is meant to be read "literately not literally."

Also reading the first fiction I've read in quite some time: The Animators. It's a novel that follows the complex friendship of two, well, animators. I saw a copy on my friend Amy's couch, so knew that it must be good and checked it out of the library when given the chance. The author, Kayla Rae Whitaker, is from Kentucky. It feels like the right read for me now.


I focused much of the last work week on a set of stories I was really excited to write. Both of them involved talking with incredible innovators around the country -- looking forward to sharing when they are published.