Women of The SEC: Wear Whatever You Want

I woke up this morning to read a disturbing post about what women should wear to football games that ran on the Huffington Post. I won't link to it, because that doesn't need any more clicks. (In full disclosure: it was written by an acquaintance. We obviously differ in opinion.)

It was all about what women "shouldn't wear"  to football games, with a "modesty ladies"and "back in my day" tone. (And an allusion to it being OK to sneak in a flask. Right.) References to "keep it covered for the children!) and catching fraternity boys.  

It reminded me of this "Secrets To Charm" book I keep from 1954, which gives all of the "secrets" to making yourself more attractive to a man. Only this isn't 1954, it's 2016. When I think of the young women in the stands at football games, I think of the real issues they will face: paying off their college loans, finding their place in the world in their 20s and 30s, the pay gap and later, access to fair parental and caregiving leave.

And that's just for those sisters sitting in the bleachers, not their counterparts across our country and around the world who face even more challenges.

Every day I'm inspired by the badassery I see of the women of the next generation. I see examples of their leadership, resilience and strength. I see how they have the courage to express themselves in a world that still tells them they have to look a certain way to fit in or be *pleasing* to men. Ug.

Please yourself, sisters. Wear whatever you want. The world is gonna tell you a whole lot about how you should look and act and feel. You don't have to listen. And don't ever, ever listen to voices that say you are "less than." 

And go team.