Yves St. Lauren Turbans and a Herman Marcus Dress: Yeah I'll Wear That At 40

Did you see that "24 Things No Woman Should Wear After 30" click bait-y story? You can Google it. Even better, read the response: 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear, which says it all very well.

This morning, I said to two of my colleagues that I think turbans are poised for a huge comeback and that I am ready to go there. I was tickled to see that some of my staples made it on to the "24 Things No Woman Should Wear After 30" story. Leopard print and sequins? Darling, that's a quiet Tuesday for me. 

Now please look at these Yves St. Laurent Turbans from Vogue 1976. What a great year. Oh, that's right, people born that year are turning 40. I wonder what the author of that piece thinks that we shouldn't wear? What about women in their 50s? 60s? 

Its only in my thirties (and late at that) that I actually came into my true sense of style. And I had quite a bit of it earlier in life. (Check out that green pantsuit number in my Instagram feed.) Anyhow, of course the story about what not to wear is silly, as is any story about what "not to wear." 

Now I am going to show you two vintage dresses that I bought last week at a thrift shop in Birmingham. This one is a Herman Marcus, as in co-founder of Neiman Marcus. It was $6.98 and is fabulous:


This one I got all fancy with and paired it with accessories and my inspiration, which is and always will be Cher, who also did not get the memo on Things Not To Wear After 30, thankfully. I want to go to Studio 54 in this, or to a PTO meeting in the early 80s.

Now if you'll excuse me -- I have a turban to go find.