3 Dramatic Letters From Camp

It's that time of the year again, when parents are like oh heyyyy let's go out five night straight aka fall asleep in front of the TV. Or rather, lovingly pack their child and half the contents of their house for summer camp. 

Boy, bye.

I was a mess last year when I sent Nate to Camp Winnebago (as my father calls it). He did fine. The end. I, however, was kind of the worst at camp, evidenced by these letters unearthed at the Gold Shoe Vault.

Let's deconstruct. First, "There's a counselor who looks like Nell." It might have been a prediction that I would end up living for a time in Alabama, home of the lovable, late Nell Carter who portrayed the sassy housekeeper in "Gimme A Break!"

Also "I don't think I can live with out TV" was appropriately dramatic. (Funny thing, last night my son told me "TV is boring." All YouTube all the time, baby.)

Moving on to exhibit B brings us to the use of the word "tampering," which I believe I got because of the great 80s Tylenol recall. And in the heat of "Take your Halloween Candy to Be X-Rayed at Halloween Or Else!" 

Either way, I was a bit of an entitled little shit, and signed a letter to my father "Erin L. Shaw," like I was penning the great American novel. 


Except Nell.