Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, and The Glitter That Gets In Your Eye

I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert interview Rob Bell for his 100th podcast. It's a really profound and funny episode, and I was fan-girling hard. I was also stressed out because I couldn't get myself motivated to write a story and work on finishing this freaking book proposal, and was puttering around my house and home office, which is in a perpetual state of re-organization because that's so much easier than actually writing or paying bills or working on my core, which, let's admit, is boring. 

Also, in cleaning up, I'd broken a snow globe, leaving shards of glass and glitter on the office carpet. Metaphor much? Cleaned that up and then kept listening to the podcast.

Elizabeth Gilbert drops this line toward the end in which she says the following:

"I'm at a point in my life where I don't want any more information -- if I need it I have all the world's collected information on my phone. I can just look it up if I want.

I want two things: I want wisdom and I want light." 

She goes on to say that she is attracted to people who have more light than her, like she's turning her face toward the light. It strikes me as very profound, and I run into the bedroom to tell Shane, like oh my God, that is exactly where I am in life

He pauses and says, "That's great and all, but you better wash your face because you have glitter on it and it's going to get in your eye." Turn toward the light people, but don't neglect the information life's giving you, either. Super Soul Sunday that, my friends. 


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