To Re-Cover or Not To Re-Cover (And A Trip To Avondale Antiques)

I have been writing about some pretty heavy stuff lately. So let's switch things up, no?

Here's a little sneak peek of a DIY project I'm kicking around this long weekend. It started about a week ago, when I went to Avondale Antiques for the first time. I'd been meaning to go forever, and was delighted to finally stop in there and meet owner Freed Dyess. He told me about his passion for vintage lamps and I told him of mine for all things vintage Florida. (Also, isn't this "Bama Dragway" sign the best? It was already sold.)

Fred took me out back to show me some flamingos (fake of course, and fabulous). We talked about bamboo and rattan (for the mid-century Florida ranch in my mind), and he showed me these beauties. I had to have them, even though I didn't know what I'd do with them.



We talked about the joy of the hunt, and the durability of well-made things, and our mutual dreams of leaving the suburbs for city living. He gave me a sweet deal on the chairs, and this "E," along with practical tips on how to turn it into a flashing lamp if I so chose.  

Then, this weekend I picked up fabric from Hancock going-out-of-business sale. (I always liked Hancock because it was approachable, unlike the snotty fabric store where the ladies always made me feel less-than for not knowing the Very Special Language of Sewing.) Six yards of tiny tigers to go on the cushions. Though, I'm a little in love with the tropical fabric, which makes me think of my friends' parens' 80s beach condos in the best way. To re-cover or not to re-cover? 

Either way, it will all be put to good use.