Star Spangled Finds From My Favorite Sale In The World

My car nearly hydroplaned, and I white knuckled it all the way to Oxmoor Road. Nothing -- not flood warnings, not floods, not the wettest July 4th I can remember, would stop me. 

I don't go to the lake for the Fourth, and I don't go to the beach. I go to the Our Lady of Sorrows Trash and Treasure sale. Jealous yet? You should be. It's the best early morning adventure. (This is saying a lot, considering a week ago I pulled an all nighter to make it to 4 a.m. meditation, But that's another story.) Previous years' escapades here and here.

The rains came hard, and at times I felt like I was walking through a foot of water in the church parking lot. I accidentally inhaled a mouthful of water that accumulated on the lid of my Starbucks. Was it worth it? I think so. First, the scene:


This is why I brave the rains,. "Won't You Be My Friend? Songs For Social and Emotional Growth." Who doesn't need that?




I almost didn't buy the portraits below, and am really glad that I did. They were sitting in separate bins, but it seemed like they should be together. Who are they? The woman bears a resemblance to the Queen of England, as pointed out by a cashier. But I don't think that's her. On the back of the portrait there is a tag that says "Spivy Jonson Co. 'Where Quality Predominates.'" It is stamped January 31, 1942. That's six years before my mom was born, and seven years before my dad.

I'm going to hang them in the dining room, together.  


I also paused for a moment before putting this Founding Fathers ice bucket in my bag. In retrospect, how could I not? There's a tiny Declaration of Independence on the side.


Continuing on the patriotic theme. I also got this Eagle painting for a mere $2. Later, when I had coffee with Karin at Octane, she willingly invited him to join us. One scone for the Eagle, please.


This is how I styled it later. On a side note, all of the items, including the bar cart (and except for the Caesar's Palace ash tray and red tray) have come from the OLS Sale (over a number of years.) The only thing missing from the montage is my bicentennial coasters, which I couldn't find. Spirit of '76, baby. 


OK, back to the finds. 

There's a section in the OLS Rummage sale for collectibles. In years past, I've found some really lovely postcards there, including the one in this blog's banner. No postcards this year, but when I rounded the corner I saw this and knew I had to have it. It's by the late Alabama folk artist Chris Clark. Sweet in its simplicity, I knew I needed to take this guy home. 

Finally, I couldn't resist this one. For those mornings when you're wondering your religious affiliation. Till next year, OLS.