The Geography of you and me: Keep Backing This kickstarter project

Nearly six years ago, my friend Amy witnessed her ex-husband's suicide. She writes about the experience, of her grief and the post traumatic stress., of raising a family and surviving , both on her blog and in a book called "The Geography Of You And Me: A Memoir." 

When Amy finished writing her book, I printed out the manuscript and wrapped it in manila paper. It was no small accomplishment for her to commit her story to paper. We went out to celebrate the book's completion with our friend Stephanie. It was 2012. I wrote this post.

As Amy has written, she sent her book out to many agents and publishing houses. They were skittish. The writing was good, they told her, but the subject ... they said it wouldn't sell. That it was a topic people didn't want to read about. You can read what some of them wrote here, on her Kickstarter campaign to self-publish, aiming for $5,500. She wrote:

"As I started writing the book and pitching it to literary agents, I heard from many of them who said lovely, complimentary things about the writing, and then said that suicide is still a taboo subject. That no one wants to read about it. That no one will buy it. That the reason I couldn't find the book I was looking for when I needed it was because that book won't sell.

But I am not asking you to read a book about suicide. I am asking you to read a book about love. I am asking you to read a book about seeking light when all around you is darkness. I am asking you to read a book about how you are not alone when you feel angry or hopeless or paralyzed by guilt. I am asking you to read a book about how the lyrics of Ludacris might be just what you need when your own words won’t come to you."

I was going to write a post encouraging people to back the campaign to meet the initial goal. It's an important, courageous story that she told (as only she could -- see Ludacris references). The good news: In less than 12 hours, Amy's campaign is almost entirely backed. As I write, $5,169 has been committed. I know she will make her goal soon.

And this story will help many people.

I believe that this campaign will be backed within the first 24 hours. It's not over, though. The more backers, the more copies can be printed. The more copies printed, the better. 

More people will know they aren't alone.

Instead of $5,500, why not raise $25,000? What could we do to support a story that shines light in a sea of darkness? Let's find out.