Tiny Stories/Weekend Edition 2.7

It's one of the first nice days of the year in Birmingham, which means I got the urge to spray paint something. I am no spray paint master like some of my friends and colleagues, but there's something powerful about taking a tacky old cork board and spray painting the hell out of it. It's part of my ongoing home office renovation, which is coming along slowly but surely. It's a room of my own.

And before anyone comments, yes I read the magazine and it was good.


"Dude, I have to go ..." is what I heard while Nate was talking to a random gamer friend via headset. Before you go calling the parenting police, yes I listen. The kid must have begged him not to sign off, asking 'why?' "Because my mom needs Starbucks. No for real, my mom will die without coffee." This made me laugh, and is also true. 


Last night I experienced my first school auction. I left before the bidding started, so I don't know what this item fetched. But they do sell for $34.95 on Amazon. 


I'm starting this series of tiny stories as a writing exercise, and to see which ones will evolve into longer pieces. These are essentially social updates, but I want to reverse engineer that to kickstart some essays. Writing tiny stories takes the pressure off of writing longer ones, and also gets me out of my editor-brain, which is critical and often at odds with my writer-brain. #lifeunedited