Target Balling

Sometimes the most fascinating things happen from stepping outside one's comfort zone. Case in point: tonight.

I was sitting at my dining room table, writing and editing. There was one thing I had forgotten from Target. So I changed out of my flannel pajamas and into jeans and a parka. The rain was coming down, and I cursed my choice of footwear immediately. Yes, I was getting some much needed FitBit steps in, but Frye boots? Really, Erin? 

I trotted along, and watched the sky change colors, and wondered if I would get sick from running uphill in the suburbs. 

At Target, item grabbed and checked out, I got ready to head back up the hill. What a weirdo to run to Target in the rain. right? 

As I walked out I saw a couple with a tripod. What? Who were these interlopers? Media? I had to know. 

I introduced myself, and found out that Cullen and Katie are major on Instagram and YouTube. They also do this thing called #TargetBalling, which has gone viral. We quickly put it together that we're neighbors, and I asked if they wouldn't mind giving me a ride back. Because fitness is great, but warmth is even better.

Also, I was in the presence of amazing, likeminded social media people. Something I had never seen in "MY SON WANTS TO BE A YOUTUBER" as they kindly drove me back to our neighborhood.

Turns out Katie and I are in the same dinner club, but have never met. They have a beautiful new baby, and we have lots of neighbors in common. 

Also, Cullen was dressed up like a president, so I had to share that if they ever needed a superhero, or one in costume, I'm just down the street.