the many uses for elvis glasses (multitasking that migraine)

Yesterday at work I developed a raging migraine. Not unfamiliar with these, I got myself home, curled up on the couch under many blankets by the fire, and slept until getting up for bed. When I woke, the headache had dulled to a smaller, lingering one.

One of the first messages that popped up on my phone was a message about this being Elvis' 80th birthday. I knew, but had forgotten. So I sat down and fired off a blog post for The Daily South about five ways to make it a most Elvis-fllled year. Dropped child off at school (playing "Aloha From Hawaii") and ran home to get ready. No regular outfit would do.

So I tore through my closet, deciding that a gold lame DVF skirt was not really work wear, but a leopard print, leopard jacket with gold boots would work. Fine line. Oh, and this shirt, which "technically" is a pajama top. (The pajamas have a story of their own involving public relations, getting an editor's attention, and how I ended up judging an Elvis look-a-like contest then getting a great story from it. Read that on Chanda Temple's blog.)

I woke up like this.

There's data that distraction can actually minimize physical pain. Not surprisingly, humor is one technique to get there. I wasn't trying to be funny with my outfit -- in fact, this picture is an honest look at who I am. Not ironic. 

But my colleagues did laugh when I asked them to don Elvis glasses (check my Instagram feed). I handed them pairs while I passed off story folders and popped into their offices to ask questions about other business of the day.

The glasses came off as I edited stories and composed emails and worked on spreadsheets. Sister has stuff to get done. But I had more of a spring in my step.

Some takeaways:

  • We can distract ourselves in healthy or unhealthy ways. My healthy way involves Elvis glasses and leopard print.
  • Work can be difficult and fun. The two are not mutually exclusive. We are human and need to a)remember that b)connect with people about the things that make them tick.
  • Power *suits* come in many colors.