Tradition We Don't Miss: Anniversaries Underneath Bare Bottomed Statues

Three months after our ninth anniversary, we climbed up to Vulcan this week and enacted our annual tradition: getting our photo made on the same spot where we got married underneath that bare-bottom pagan statue and friendly Birmingham mascot.

Nate was totally thrilled ... 



He's grown a bit since his debut during our second anniversary photo, taken in 2006 when he was about a month old. At the time, I was curing the long walk up the hill and the fact that I couldn't fit into any of my pre-baby clothes.  

Now I have a sullen teenager. Err, adorable seven year old. DSC02633

Many thanks to my Dad, who takes this photo each and every year. There are always some treasures in the bunch, and people who stop to wonder who these crazy people are holding up a sign. That's us.