I Lost A Gold Shoe at Disney World And This Is What Happened

What happens when you lose your footing at Disney? This. 

Here with my family after a long week and a half of work travel, I was a little stressed to fit in all the things I wanted Nate to experience. Not having had the chance to study the apps and touring plans and formation of the stars, we rolled up this morning on a wing and a prayer. And with gold shoes, of course.

Trying to be practical I went for the Okabashi. Not fancy strappy sandals, but practical, and gold. All was going great (zoom through Haunted Mansion! Pirates of the Carribean! Splash Mountain!) until, during a walk through Tomorrowland. Thwap. One sandal fell completely apart, the strap snapping. So much for being golden. (See: hair.)


I tried to figure out my best Girl Scout fix. But there was nothing. So I hobbled into Merchant of Venus and explained my situation. "Where can I buy some flip flops?" I asked. Several of the people working at the gift shop  (aka "castmembers") pointed me toward Mickey's Star Traders.

After dragging my leg toward the shop, I realized someone was behind me. It was one of the cast members. "I'm going to make sure that you find your shoes." I thought it was very kind he walked to make sure that I could find the rack. 


I pulled off a pair in my size and brought them to the register. He pulled out a book.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing," he said.

"Seriously?" I replied.

"Yes, this is on Mickey. We want to you to have a great experience here. Thank him." 

Here I am with Charlie. Disney Magic indeed.