Mother's Day: Heavy Metal Drumming and Swiss Chard Dancin'

Tonight I was sitting at the dining room table with Nate making art for my mom. What started out as a straightforward markers and poster board event ... 

Turned into a spontanous homage to Wilco. Nate is currently obsessed with becoming a drummer. "Should I put on 'Heavy Meatal Drummer?'" I asked. "Um, it's my theme song, isn't it?  

Heavy Metal Drummer

Then it turned into a dance party in which both of us were asking for Shane to video the episode. The apple does not fall far.  


I never intentionally thought about becoming a mom, and that was not high on my list of priorities. Till about August 2005. Surprise!

Dancing in the Swiss chard

And here's that little lima bean dancing in the Swiss Chard during our field trip to Jones Valley Teaching Farm on Friday.


Tomorrow, on Mother's Day, I will celebrate the amazing women who paved the way for me to become a mom. My mom, Rosemary, who taught us about unconditional love:

Jazz Hands For Pride!

And my grandmother Catherine (my Dad's Mom). She was so encouraging of my career and all my dreams, even before I knew I had them:


And my grandmother Emily, who married my grandfather despite her parents' wishes. (He was Catholic; they were Protestant. And the rest is history.)


Tomorrow I'll be thinking of all the great moms of my friends, those who are with us and those who aren't. Of all the ladies who are moms or act like moms. Here's to them.