Spring in 5 Photos

It's official: spring is here. I can't stand the winter. Do not like. As much as I try to embrace the various merits of the colder months, it never happens. I sit on my couch bundled in my electric blanket waiting for the sun to come back out. This weekend it finally arrived. And I was at home to see it: here in Birmingham for the entire month.

Here, where the the roses on our trellis bloomed. (And yes, I need to fix up those container gardens. If only I knew a place to find such ideas. Ha.)

Our entry way Lola pug, getting over a cold, soaked herself in the sun that comes through our windows. One thing I like about our house is all the natural light. So does she: Untitled

I shared an epic day with Nate, who started out our adventure by scoring three goals at his first soccer game. A few hours later in New York family and Celtic supporters gathered to honors his great great grandfather, the famous Celtic soccer player Charlie Shaw. More on this later. We thought it was cool Nate had such a strong showing the same day fans from all over the world gathered to honor his forefather.

Later in the day I dressed him in this ridiculously oversized rain coat (oops, accidentally ordered the adult size) for dance recital pictures. We are nothing if not diverse. It was sunny and gorgeous, but we were getting our 'brella, 'brella, 'brealla on (yes, he is performing to the Rihanna classic.)

We are nothing if not diverse.

 Nate scores three goals! Jazz Hands

So there it is. There's pollen in the air, tasty cocktails in our Tervis Tumblers and the possibilities of spring our minds. It's a very good thing.