Presidents Day, Pickle Queen

I haven't written in a few weeks, which typically means not a lack of things to write about, but an overwhelming amount. And so it is in this case. So let's stick with a quick entry. 

After a good weekend with the dudes (and a quick rally from being sick) I was honored to speak to the Southeast Festivals and Events Association today. They represent folks who represent around the South, and events.

Case in point, The National Banana Pudding Festival, in Centerville, TN. How wonderful that there is such a thing! 

Banana Pudding Festival!  

I  love public speaking, and am always honored when a group asks. This year I've added several more enagements to the calendar, and am excited -- both to share what I've learrned and to learn from those in attendance. (More to come on this!)

And I love it even more when I'm sent home with my favorite pickles on Earth: Wickles (made in Alabama). Yeah I ate these in the parking lot before heading me. Not while driving of course. Ahem.

Wickles, my favorite pickles

Back now for less than 12 hours, hugging my guys and throwing clothes into a suitcase. Heading to Orlando tomorrow. Orlando Bound