Yoga Football: A Saturday Scene

I was standing in the middle of the University of Alabama Quad in the 82 degree heat today, filming for a magazine project. It was hot, and I was wondering why I'd bothered to do my hair.

Because I don't like to show up with bad hair anywhere. Especially a tailgate. 

So I'm on the set (aka in the middle of wet grass) trying to drink water, not Starbucks, because we have an eight-hour shoot ahead of us, and I'm tired from a long week, and my doctor says I'm not supposed to be drinking caffeine anyway, when I make a comment to someone on the film crew.

Me: "It's like Bikram up in here."

Him: "Do you do Bikram?

Me: "Oh hell no. I pass out."

Him: "Your body is talking to you. You gotta get that stuff out. You gotta push past it."

I look at the crystal pendant dangling from his necklace.

End scene.

Roll Tide. 


The band also must have felt a Bikram-vibe: Marching

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