Baseball Is Confusing

Today was Nate's first baseball game of the season. He played last fall, but a lot of things have changed since then, including a number of the rules, and the fact that that this year, they are keeping score. 

One of the moms came up to me and Shane during the day and asked if Nate was ours.

"Um, it depends?"

She said Nate had turned to one of his teammates during the game and said, "Man, I'm confused!"(The parents thought this was funny. And it was funny, probably delivered with total honesty and exasperation.) 

I get it though -- the kid was telling the truth. Baseball is confusing, especially to a six-year old who hasn't been around the game a whole lot. Heck, as a 36-yr old I'm confused watching the game, and really just clap when everyone else is clapping.  

His honesty struck me. How do you know to play the game unless someone has told you the rules? And what happens when the rules change on you? 

As adults, it happens all the time. There are new rules in our jobs, sometimes new rules in relationships. Figuring out these shifts is hard unless someone tells us (and people tend to forget).

The good news is that some things never change. Some rules stay the same. 

You just have to learn them. From good sources.


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