The Secret to Eyeliner. A Day Off.

I took the day off today. As in really took the day off. It's the first time in a while I've done that -- not looking at work emails for an entire day. OK, about 11 hours now. It felt good. 

I met a friend for coffee. And bought fabric for the never-ending home office improvements. (Covering some cork boards with this.)

Also bought a space-age end table I'd eyed at HomeGoods weeks ago. (Magical feeling when those things are still there.)

Then met up with my friend Celine, a talented makeup artist and stylist. Celine has the gift of seeing the most beautiful things in people -- way beyond their physical appearance. But every now and then a girl needs some assistance in the eyeliner department. Having never acquired the skill, and having spent a zillion dollars at makeup counters to buy the "magical eyeliner" that would do the trick, it was time for me to learn.

She actually did an entire overhaul of my makeup, going through my products to help streamline my routine and help determine if I was using the best ones for my skin and my needs. (See: a window of five minutes to throw on said makeup, usually in the parking lot at work.)

The end result was a lovely lined eye that even my shaky hand can replicate (the secret: gel liner, pushing the product directly into the lash line, and the right brush.) 

We had a long lunch. I spoke of the changes I'm making in my life to be able to focus on the things of most importance. The things I'm saying no to (i.e., the unnecessary volunteer projects) in order to save energy and time for the things and the people I love. 

Including a certain young man who completed the first week of first grade today. 


I took the day off. And you know what? I'm going to do it again tomorrow.