Bird on My Head and a Tweet from Elvis on My Phone

It's difficult to sum up the past few weeks other than this photo, taken over the weekend at Sandestin, where my family and I spent a great long weekend. Yes, those are birds on my head. And yes I smiling but also thinking, "please don't poop on me." 

So we had a great trip, which I'll write about when I wake up out of the blog-launching laser focus I've had the past few weeks. Yesterday, a day after the bird encounter, said new blog went live. It's called The Daily South, and it's the official new blog at Southern Living. We've only just begun (insert Karen Carpenter voice).

Today Elvis Tweeted us in response to a post about Elvis Week. OK, not Elvis himself, but you know: the official Elvis account. My job here is done.

Not really: it's just beginning. And as a reminder that life happens when we're busy making other plans, the second I hit "Publish" on my first post for the Daily South, Nate ran up to me and said "Mommy, Mommy, I lost my first tooth!"

My friend Anne came to the rescue, surprising us with a gold dubloon left in our mailbox late last night. Kiddo was thrilled.

There's a bird on my head and an Tweet from Elvis in my pocket. Just another week. Or as Elvis would say, TCB.