Chattanooga: House Frock and Accordion Necklaces

Happy Friday from Chattanooga, where I'm working on a story. 

So of course I can't share that. But I can share what I found in an antiques store. (Thanks to Kristin Luna for the shop suggestion, and the photo. And by the way, I look disheveled because I was reporting all day in 105 heat.)


Kristin: "You could wear it to a costume party."

Me: "The costume party that is my life."

Ah ha ha.

Did I buy it? Why of course I did. Is it totally goofy? Yes, yes it is. But it makes me laugh and feel fantastic, like I should be lounging on a fainting couch powdering my nose and drinking a gimlet. Of course, the reality is that today I'll be driving my rental Sentra back to Birmingham, hoping the tinny little car doesn't get blown off the road. Not complaining. Just saying. 

I've collected vintage clothing my entire life (since scouring garage and estate sales as a child). But it's only been in the past few years that I've started wearing this stuff. And the more that I wear them the more that these treasures seem to find me. 

Also found on the road: a gold accordion necklace. At a store called, what else? Leo.