God Bless America and a Rummage Sale.

Less than a day after I wrote a blog post about decluttering, I was standing in line at my favorite rummage sale. Go figure.

Each year I say it will be my last, and each year I can't resist getting up early and driving to Homewood for the Our Lady of Sorrows Trash to Treasures Sale.

I was good this year, not hauling back large furniture items, or children's playsets. Not having to enlist Homewood police officers to help me lift these huge *treasures* into my car. After a decade of doing that, and planning to refinish said pieces, I know better now. But I still go. Because you never know.

So there I was, standing in line with 300 of my closest friends for the early bird admission:

Line at OLS Sale

And you do never know. Among the finds:

Some things I passed up. Like the Brass Monkey: Brass Monkey 

And the Crazy Clown Korner:

Clownin Around

I got frustrated standing in the middle of people who had no concept of personal space. (And dragging a laundry basket around? No.)

But then I saw a beautiful hat box from Burdines, the long extinct department store from my hometown. Even with its stains, it was beautiful. (Hoping my friend, the gifted artist Karin Fecteau will help me restore this.)

Beautiful Burdines Box

The game...was...on. Next stop, records, where I found this gem from the Best Year Ever. It's a soundtrack from 1976 (Bicentennial Year, for those keeping track on July 4.) Has news footage from said year, and never opened.


1976 was a good year


Then I found a horse. And if you are a horse/owl/deer, you are coming home with me: Horsie


I scanned the board games. After all, this is where I once found a "Beverly Hills 90210" game of Twister. Buried in between Operation and Yahtzee, I found this game, issued in the early 70s around the time that Disney World opened. The object: To ride as many rides possible! For a Florida girl, this was a big haul:


Disney Game

But the real piece de resistance was a set of postcards wrapped up in Ziploc bags. Some are written on, beautiful penmanship to families in Demopolis, Alabama. Others are blank. They are from some of my favorite places and places in memory: Vegas in the 60s, motor lodges across America, Niagra Falls, the World Expo. 

These beautiful stories deserve their own post, so they will get one. The penmanship! The scenery! The motor courts. For now, a sneak peek. The one below reads: "Lovely sea nymph playing with a sea shell in the warm surf of a beach in the beautiful Southland."

God bless the USA.


Southern Sea Nymph

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