How To Make Every Day A Holiday

I got home tonight and intended to write a post about ways to counteract joy thieves. Sort of a Marc and Angel Hack Life post (dang, they have it all figured out, don't they?) Remove negative people! Don't look back! Ah, if all of life was one big top ten self-improvement list. 

But it's not. (Though I do appreciate the general sentiment and some of their specific recommendations.) 

That said, I've been thinking about what it takes to build up boundaries to keep the joy in, and the unnecessary stress out. This, however, will take some more time. So let's get back to how to make every day a holiday -- RIGHT NOW!

Step one: watch this clip. 

The dancer in the middle? That's my brother, Ryan Michael Shaw, performing in "Every Day's A Holiday!" Kids of the Kingdom, 1999, Disney World.

Look at those kicks! Look at that perkiness! Embody that spirit when you feel the joy thieves are at large. (And if you can kick like that, even better.) And wait for step two.