The Whole Scoop

I'm getting over being sick and getting ready to head out of town, so this one will be short.

Tonight I picked up Nate from camp. Knowing that I'd be away for a few days ("Mom, why do YOU always get to go to New Orleans?") I wanted to have some special time with him.

So we drove to a new ice cream shop (well, new to us -- it's a little over a year old). The Whole Scoop is an old fashioned ice cream parlor in Hoover. It reminds me of the kind of place that my parents used to take us when we were little, including the jars of candy and a frozen display case of ice cream cakes. They have 32 flavors of hand dipped ice cream, as well as shakes, malts and sundaes.

We climbed atop some stools and talked, sitting against a will lined with photos of happy customers, decorated with their names on little wooden spoons.


IMG_5926 I Scream! We All Scream!

I talked with the owner, David Cohen, who said his whole goal is creating an old-fashioned ice cream shop for families. I totally dig this. Because as much as I love yogurt, nothing beats ice cream in the summer. (I had mint chocolate chip and kiddo had a sundae. Nods of approval from all.)

Before we left (OK I was talking social media with David, as I do) Nate decorated a wooden spoon, which David affixed to the wall. We will be back.

Later, Nate and I did some backyard exploring and danced in the kitchen to Elvis' "Pocketful of Rainbows" -- his choice for the record player. The dishes in the sink and the packing for an a.m. flight can wait. An old school summer night was totally worth it.

The Whole Scoop is located at 3421 South Shades Crest Road, near the intersection of South Shades Crest and Highway 150.


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