Summer Is: Calm **

This is how I started the summer, yesterday: IMG_5344

Nate and his friend Austin played in Austin's neighborhood pool. They chased butterflies. Austin encouraged Nate, who is still a hesitant swimmer, the magic of being able to bob underwater. It felt like it was 100 degrees outside but the cool water was perfect. It was calm. Last year I wrote a series of posts entitled "Summer Is." This summer, the word I want to choose is calm.

Maybe I'm noticing summer more this year because it's the first summer Nate is out of school. Unlike preschool, there's a noticeable break in the year. (I used to think year-round school would be great -- for kids and parents. But after a first year of school I see why that break is so needed. Mind changed.)

We all need a break. Though I don't have the summer off, it's still summer. So I'm getting off this: IMG_5254 And spending summer like this. 

This summer I want to read, stacks and stacks of library books and Kindle singles and magazines that have been piling up on the coffee table. I want to read until I fall asleep: IMG_5386 And have this guy sitting next to me the whole time: IMG_5336 I want to take time to walk around and think. Or not think: IMG_5305_2

And when it gets too hot, back to the pool, or to the new Steel City Pops for some of these: IMG_5332_2


I'm going to spend more time with these people (spotted at our Memorial Day barbecue): IMG_5375


There will be writing -- specifically the outline of a project I've put off for a long time: IMG_4046

**And though I hope this summer to be calm, that doesn't mean there won't be an occasional dance party, like today at my parents' country club. Who knew there would be a DJ? Nate provided poolside entertainment for the zillions of people there to cool off on the first official day of summer. Can't always have quiet ... thankfully.