The Future Isn't Scary: Magic City Art Connection


Yesterday at lunch I went to the Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park (always a great Birmingham event). Look at this pillow! It's by local artist Daisy Winfrey. I love her work because it's raw and honest. A little funny, a little sad, a lot subversive. We started talking and had an instant connection. This girl is fantastic. How had we never met?

The first postcard below made me stop. She said she was inspired to make it after seeing an old photo from the Corky Bell School of Dance. I love the juxtaposition: tutu and bow with hands on the hips, red faced. She's not embarrassed! Sort of like the girl on the pillow. I think they would be friends. 

Daisy said that friendship is a common theme in her art. She told me about her best friend and said she was the inspiration for "We're So Awesome" piece. 

Daisy is awesome. I left wanting to make art. Or at least hang the art that I bought. 




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