Bo Knows Bama (Bo Bikes Bama)

This morning I interviewed Bo Jackson about his week-long trek across Alabama to raise money for people who are still rebuilding after the tornadoes that ripped apart parts of the state. Bo Bikes Bama is an ambitious undertaking. So who is better to do it than the greatest multi-sport athlete of all time? 

Struck by the names that he pointed out on his bike -- individuals who died in the storm and who he is remembering as he makes the 300 mile ride surrounded by supporters who are remembering too. There were so many names that they had to place them on in a small font. Small but clear, readable. He said he wanted their families to know that they would never be forgotten. 

Here is a blog post about it. 

And a video below (produced with the help of some very talented and efficient colleagues).

When I got back to the office everyone wanted to know what he was like. A true Southern gentleman, soft spoken and convicted by his mission. Bo is trying to raise $1 million this week, money that will stay in Alabama. This is what it's about. Bo has a purpose, and a pride that radiates when he speaks. Bo deserves our support -- even just texting keyword BOBIKES to 50555 to donate $10 makes a difference.

Bo knows how important it is to help people. And that's real knowledge -- and heart.  

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