Happiness Challenge Day 6: Art Break/Not Overthinking Happiness

I'm starting to feel guilty about not crafting long, thoughtful posts -- 31 posts in 31 days is a lot! Then I say to myself, no, strike that: the challenge was to write 31 posts in 31 days, not write the Great American Novel. That's a whole other goal -- ha. 

Then when I get an idea I start wondering how to categorize it. What's the best post title? What is the post really about?

That's when I need to just silence my editor brain and go for it, because if I don't it will be March 31 and I'll be thinking: "Why did I overthink that?" Shh, overthinker. And let's go. 

Yesterday, while in the small town of Donaldsonville, LA, I had a meal at The Grapevine Cafe (crawfish cornbread, oysters, praline shrimp). And looking over me the entire time was this fantastic painting. It made me feel like I was home. Minus the snorting sounds.


Snort. Donaldsonville, LA

Later in the day I received a photo of another fantastic piece of art from my Dad. Nate's work was in in art show last night. I love being connected thanks to photos like this -- thanks Dad. A much appreciated art break.

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