Happiness Challenge Week 4: The Child Dancing in The Soon To Be Viral Video Is Mine

Instead of writing about all the reasons I haven't kept up with The Happiness Challenge (oh, good intentions), I bring you one of the things that makes me happiest in the world.

Two of the things. Nate. Dancing.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Nate's cousin Ashley, in Ball Ground, Georgia. She was a beautiful bride, and we happy to be there to watch her start her new life with her husband Terry. (And very proud of Shane's brother, Mark, who made a beautiful toast that still somehow managed a nod to the Alabama football. Only in the South.)

Nate was so happy that he couldn't resist busting out some of his favorite dance moves. The crowd was transfixed by his signature sliding and breakdancing. Fairly certain Ball Ground has never seen dance moves like :