Happiness Challenge Day 10: Laser Tag

So it was bound to happen: something this month that would make me say, "To hell with the happiness project."

That thing occurred Thursday afternoon, when, on my way to a doctor's appointment, I got in a minor car accident. I tried to brush it off, but the force from the impact has done a number on my back and neck and, well, nerves.

I've had back and neck trouble for years (starting with a major car accident in 2001). My chiropractor and massage therapist frequently say, "Oh my" when they lay their hands on my back. Recently, I've been receiving treatment for a pinched nerve meets desk work meets travel meets stress. So this accident, though minor, has me hobbled over and cursing my luck. 

Wait a second, this is a blog about happiness.

So, let's turn what my friend Val calls the "thought train" around.

The good news: there was relatively little damage to either cars. The other driver was super nice, even telling the responding police officer that I hadn't done anything wrong. I'm lucky to have medical coverage. 

And yesterday, despite feeling bad, I was able to take Nate to his friend Jack's 6th birthday party. Jack and Nate went to the same preschool but are in separate elementary schools. We've kept in touch with his family and were delighted to receive an invitation to his party at a place called Treetop Family Adventure in Chelsea.

When we walked in my inner kid went nuts -- huge arcade filled with modern games and the classics (Whack A Mole! Skee Ball!). Also: go carts (I passed on that one, naturally), mini golf, and ... laser tag.

It was Nate's first go around with Laser Tag:

Laser tag!

It was also mine. For a second, I hesitated. My back hurt. I wondered if it was really the best thing to do. But then I saw all the other parents putting on their vests and testing out their guns. (If the other parents jumped off a bridge, would I jump too? Probably.) 

I couldn't resist. It was totally worth it. Running around the inside of a black lit obstacle course, "Back In Black" blasting, I was transformed from a 35-year old mom to a crazed 15-year old boy. (Felt a little bad chasing after 6-year olds, but not so much, since they were shooting right back.) Adrenaline? Competition? Cheesy music? Score. 

Acting like a kid makes me happy.

Later, we ran around playing arcade games. 

photo-189 photo-188

There was even an Elvis-themed one!


Oh, and the kids had fun too. Here's Nate with the birthday boy, Jack: Happy birthday Jack

Did I have to take major pain meds when I got home? Why yes, yes, I did. Am I thinking about getting a group of of other big kids together to go back and play again? Absolutely. 

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