Friday. Friends. FonFon

I laughed so hard at lunch today with LK and Cherie that the women at the next table looked at us suspiciously. They probably should, because we're up to something

I really cherish the circles of strong women with similar beliefs that I call friends in Birmingham (and far away too). The ones who seem to know when I need a phone call or text. See, I'm a pretty good friend, or try to be. So when my pals don't hear from me they get nervous. I appreciate that. 

I appreciate women like LK and Cherie who keep me to a lunch date even when I have to reschedule, as I do all the time because I'm heading out of town, or have overestimated how much I can fit into one day (working on this part). Hold me to it, I tell them. And I do the same. 

I think there's a bond that exists between friends that makes our spidey sense activate when one of us need another. This week my yoga teacher, whom I haven't seen in months, called to make sure I was still kicking. Couldn't have been more perfect timing--a pinched nerve has caused major pain that yoga would ease.

The guilt welled up. "I'm so sorry I haven't been to class. And I feel terrible that I haven't called ..." 

She stopped me in my tracks.

"Even if you don't come to yoga, let's just get together for tea," she said. See? That's a friend.

I appreciate friends who notice when I'm wearing something sparkly. But I also love the ones who know that sparkle fades. Those with whom I don't have to be Gold Shoe Erin--just Erin, with a bad back, and insecurities, and not always with a crazy story. (OK, I usually have a story.)

When they say, "Call me anytime, day or night," like Amy and Stephanie, do I know that they mean it. And I do too.