Give A Dog a Ticket To Ride

What, there's a dog other than a pug on my blog? How could it be? 

This is Zoe, one of the many dogs who is currently on her way to New England to be adopted. See, because of their spay/neuter laws, they don't have the pet overpopulation problem we have in Alabama.

So the good foils at the Shelby County Humane Society/Shelter Partners raise money each year to place dogs like Zoe with loving families. But that takes gas and food and care for the dogs. 

So, they'll sell these great ornaments to offset costs. And they're on sale now. Each ornament is $50 and there's a shipping fee of $5.

Tonight I'm thinking of the voluteers who are driving Zoe and friens to their forever homes.

Surrounded by my wonderful dogs, I can't think of a better gift.

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