I'm a Gym Snob

Ow, my hip flexor.

Not one of my better traits, but in addition to all the other reasons I can find to not work out (travel schedule, office hours, random disorder) I can get downright annoying about some superficial stuff when it comes to gyms. Part of it is having worked out at fancy gyms in bigger cities. From the class offerings -- Intensati (voicing intentions as you kick box!)  to the product (Aveda at Equinox, ahem), I've had a taste of the good stuff. 

I also wrote about fitness for a long time (see above photo, and please ignore the crazed look in my eye), so I was always looking for the latest and greatest, trying out classes and DVDs guaranteed to do what no other work out had done. Right.  

But, here's the thing: Aveda products and self-help kick boxing are nice, but movement is movement. And I haven't been moving enough. Instead, I've been collapsing on the couch after work and saying, "I'm too tired." Or, when I'm on the road, though I've packed my workout clothes, I'm sitting in a bed checking email. Common denominators = sitting. Not moving. So I cannot complain about my clothes not fitting right. 

Last night I went to the Shades Valley YMCA, which just unveiled massive renovations. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, in shock that it was in the same building I'd visited a few weeks ago where I was changing in a cramped makeshift locker room. They'd clearly put a lot of design and thought into the facility, from the individual TVs on the cardio machines to the spacing between bikes in the spin room. It was in the latter where I pounded out 45 minutes, and was home in time for dinner with my family. Gasp. No excuses. 

It was a great workout. The music was loud, I pushed myself, I felt the burn. Simple stuff. Really, all my yammering about "If we only had ______" is another excuse. (Seriously, I'm rolling my eyes just typing it.) We have a lot more fitness options in Birmingham than we did a few years ago (see: the dozens of friends who adore IronTribe; the new Inspire Fitness). There's no excuse (for me) not to find something that clicks.

When sharing the writing prompts with fellow participants in BlogLike Crazy Javacia (See Jane Write founder and all around rock star) wrote: "We all need to think about our health because you can’t be a blogging star if you’re dead." So very true. So if you hear me making excuses (especially the one about being bored by the gym) tell me to hush, get some Aveda from the mall and get to moving. 

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