Blog Like Crazy: 5 Vintage Clothing Finds


Well, not my actual closet. We'll call this my virtual one. (I've been toying around with creating a dressing area in my bedroom in which I can display my vintage wares for some time. But that's another post.) Today's prompt for the Blog Like Crazy Post was to write about fashion. So I bring you five snapshots of some of my favorite vintage items discovered in the past few months.

I've always adored vintage fashion, long before I knew it was called vintage. I picked through items at garage sales, scooping up box purses and broaches. Sometimes I found long polyester dresses from the late 70s, which when I was looking for them in the late 80s and early 90s, weren't all that vintage. There wasn't much of a place to wear them in Clearwater, though I did wear one jumpsuit to see K.C. & The Sunshine Band at Adventure Island water park. So there's that.

The items I find now come from all over the South, where I duck into vintage shops during lunch breaks during my travels. Shane says that I'm supposed to be traveling to make money, but I believe in supporting local economies by buying these well-made pieces. It's environmentally friendly too. Ahem. 

Here are a few finds from the past few months of travels. As I was culling through photos, I realized they are all from Florida, where the vintage force continues to be strong. 

The beautiful dress above and hats below were spotted at The Way We Were in St. Augustine, Florida. The dress came home with me. 

Fab Dress



Not everything returns in the suitcase. I tried on this dress at Shangrila in Ft. Walton, Florida. As much as I wanted it to fit it didn't. (Here's a great post by A Beautiful Mess that addresses measurements in vintage vs. modern clothes and what to keep in mind when you're shopping.) But look how beautiful the lace is.


Also spotted  at Shangrila was a beautiful mustard jacket. Check out the label. When I look at labels like this I think of majestic downtown department stores. Most are gone, so these clothes are part of history. When I see a piece like this I wonder about the woman who wore it. And when I snag one I'm excited I get a chance to wear the same garment as that tasteful lady. IMG_5098

I also skipped on these boots (at Sherry's Yesterdaze in Tampa) because they were two sizes too small. Not that I didn't try to squeeze in. Vintage is one thing you can't force. photo-72

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