A Perfect Thanksgiving. Now, What's Next?

OK, I'm going to admit it: I'm a little bummed out that Thanksgiving is over. I also feel like a bit of a baby for feeling sad that it's over. It was the big holiday in my family this year, the one that we all spent together. It really was one of the best holidays ever. As Dad said, our Modern Family was in full force.


We spent it dancing in my parents' kitchen as Norman cooked. He grudgingly wore this hat.

IMG_1674 Norman insisted that I was a crucial part of the cooking, instructing me to pour all this Prosecco on the bird. Prosecco Turkey It turned out to be a perfect turkey. He says it was because of the wine, but I think that too was generous.  Despite being under the weather, Dad valiantly cut the bird. He's the best.

And yes, we went around the table sharing what we're thankful for. 


There was, in true Shaw fashion, a photo shoot. Or five. ("We're losing the light!" Ah, my little art directors.)

The holiday was made even more special with Jason and his mom Joanne joining us, all the way from New York and Michigan, respectively. This holiday just can't be topped. Maybe I shouldn't even try.


I can't figure out if what I'm feeling is a post-holiday, post event drop, or perhaps a twinge of burnout that I've been struggling with. Either way, I'm left with this feeling of: what's next?

(I wrote some more to this entry but am going to save it for another time. For now, just a few more from the holiday.) 


DSC00341 Argyle Army DSC00425