Pumps, pickles, pugs, pinecones

On my way back from Roanoke Friday, I wrote a long, heartfelt essay about business travel, and fatigue, and maker culture. Then I spent two hours trying to get it from a Word doc into this here blog and gave up, exhausted. I might rework it and repost it. In the meantime, I bring you a weekend photo essay by the letter "P."

Friday night in my exhaustion, my spirit animal and actual animal Lola, mirrored exactly how I was feeling after a hard week on the road. Pug.

Saturday was spent with Stephanie in Atlanta. I'm so thankful that nearly 15 years after we graduated, we're still just 2.5 hrs away from each other (Birmingham/Atlanta) and can keep up our Saturday dates every few months. We had lunch at Muss & Turners -- delicious pickles (and more).

We got together with two of our dear friends from college, and went shopping. We scored some wonderfully marked down Cole Haans. Pumps. Pink Pumps. We listened to New Kids on The Block, but there's no letter "P" there. 

When I returned today an elf helper had gotten a start on our Christmas decorations. Elf helper brought over a bag of pinecones, enlisting Nate to help apply glitter.

I'm stressed, y'all. If you could read my essay you'd understand a bit more. But since Squarespace is not being cooperative I'll just say: I need this week off, even if I am running around trying to get ready for the holidays. Actually, writing that makes me think: I need another week too. But in the meantime, small things that start with one letter. 


Leave me alone.


Pickles, Muss and Turners Cole Haan, pink Pinecones + Glitter