Travel Lessons: The Goodness of People (Three Acts)

Writing from the beautiful Umstead Hotel & Spa in Cary, North Carolina. And it is something. In the course of a welcome, I got a boot shining, a steam at the sauna and delicious chef's tasting capped off with Hendrick's and blue cheese, and carmelized pork belly.

It's welcome after a long day of travel (going on about 15 hours today, including  a visit to the Contemporary Arts Museum, above). This is day one in five days of work travel, and my day 10 of Blog Like Crazy

So I'll keep it short. Three things happened on my way here today. Three things that were as beautiful as the finest service at the most lovely hotel. They happened in places that aren't comfortable: airports. Three places, three separate people (and a group of people), all moments that make waiting on long security lines and being crammed into a small seat a whole lot better.

In Birmingham: At Starbucks, a kind staffer said, before 7 a.m., "Hello, Miss Erin." As always, she remembered my name, which meant the world that early in the day. And then, when someone took my drink (accidentally I'm sure) she made me another. "I don't want you to leave without your coffee." I see her every few weeks, but forgot to ask her name. Changing that.

In Charlotte: The restroom attendant (I love Charlotte Airport for this) who said, "Have a blessed day," time and time again, regardless of who put what in her tip jar.

En Route To Raleigh: Sitting in the last row of a US Airways flight,  a group of people a few rows ahead of me helped a man who was nervous his blood sugar was low. Everyone opened their bags, offering up snacks. They comforted him, making sure he had what he needed.

In each case, there were people going out of their way to be kind. The act of travel (the getting there, the in between) can be exhausting. Small acts change that. I'm thankful that I get to experience so much in the course of my work, but the best thing is really the goodness of people.

Traveling mercies. 

With holiday travel coming up, I'd love to hear stories of acts of kindness you've experiences in airports or while traveling. Share with me here or e.shawstreet[at]


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