How To Throw A Fabulous Christmas Party: Invite Art

One of the things I commit to every holiday is our Santa party. It's slightly insane, with dozens of kids descending on our house to be *surprised* by Santa, who visits with each child. Every year around this time I start stressing out, i.e., "Why am I doing this again?" It would not qualify as a streamlining or simplifying one's life kind of activity.

I do it because Nate and his friends, and our friends' kids, love being surprised by a most excellent man in a red suit with a white beard.

Excited to share the design of the invite, which is by Birmingham calligrapher Mary Elizabeth Davis. Mary Elizabeth and I work together at the magazine. She's also a talented calligrapher. Now, I once took calligraphy in seventh grade and fancied myself decent at it, but it was nothing like this! So gorgeous and modern. She does amazing work -- envelopes, placecards, holiday gift cards. I'm honored that she took on this project.

I addressed them Sunday. The wine happened because I was in between packing for a week-long trip, and laundry to get everyone ready for the week, and some work. So there's that.

The seals on the back of the envelope are a hint to a surprise at the party. He's coming to town.

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