Vegas 2012: There Were Still Gold Shoes

So, my much anticipated Vegas trip didn't work out as planned. My friend Stephanie and I have had a lot of great times in LV (see: "Two Southern Girls In Las Vegas") and our expectations were high. But, from the start of the trip -- us running to the gate because the agent told us the wrong location -- until the end of it -- me leaving my wallet on the plane after buying a sandwich (lost wallet for a turkey sandwich!), it wasn't what my friend and I had anticipated. We weren't feeling well. A crazy person grabbed me on The Strip. One day there were 60 mile an hour winds that left us reaching for tissues. 

Sometimes trips go awry. There were:

We made the best of it. Along the way, we spent a lot of time in our new favorite Vegas hotel, The Cosmopolitan. Its modern, class meets steampunk aesthetic was right up my alley (as was the soundtrack in the lobby and elevators -- Cure and Phoenix? Yes please). A lot of the photos that I have are from The Cosmopolitan, where I walked and people watched. Loved the gigantic shoes throughout the property. (And thankful I wasn't one of the drunk girls climbing in said shoes.)


This time around I was more into eating. Spent two meals watching this woman prepare lamb dumplings at China Poblano (also in Cosmopolitan). Not many places you can watch that and have a spicy margarita:

There was also some delicious Jamon Iberico at Jaleo (just like being back in Spain):


And my favorite bar--the Chandelier Bar.  

This spot was a most excellent spot to watch people come in a 7 a.m. while I was drinking my latte from the nearby coffee bar. I used to know people who came in at 7 a.m. Vegas time at another, less velvety location. Ahem:

On a slightly classier, non-Denny's note (though I do love a Moons Over My Hammy), we visited The Wynn, where, like many other hotels, Chinese New Year was in full force. (I do like the year of the Dragon, as I am one. 1976 baby.)  


As tempting as it was, we passed up the opportunity to be dealt cards by "Dealertainers" 

We didn't pass up the opportunity to go shopping at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, where along the way, we met a cab driver who told us about his newly published book about people who have lived their seemingly far-fetched dreams. The book includes a story about a woman who rode her horse across the country. Then we got pedicures. And yes, the vegan nail polish (for real) fell off within days, but it was fun at the time:

We surely stunned these guys when we briefly met them after their show at The Excalibur. Yes, The Brothers Gibb, aka, true Australian BeeGees tribute artists! 

Looking at these photos makes me realize that this trip was actually quite fun, even though it wasn't what we had planed. I mean, there were Bee Gees and ham and pedicures. There was a visit to the place where I first learned about gold shoes from the person who taught me about them.

Most importantly, that friend was there. So it turns out it was a pretty good trip afterall.