The South Carolina Lowcountry is spectacular, especially when you take the time to go off the beaten path. But isn't that always the way. (My poor rental sedan is covered in mud & sand, inside and out. Hey off-roading in an Altima.)

I walked to this beach on Edisto right before sunset. Was wearing ballet flats, as I often do while traveling -- easy to pack & comfortable. But not so easy for a spontaneous mini-hike. We will call it a stone massage for the soles.

The wind was whipping as I walked the trail to the beach. The light was golden. So I didn't care much about the cold or the sting in my lungs or my feet. I kept walking and enjoyed the silence.

I also talked to God, saying, "Hi there. Thank you for this. What's next?"

And then, through the clearing, the beach. The shells. Got it.

This morning I watched the sunrise from another spot on the beach. I ran out in my pajamas just in time to run out and stand by the ocean while the sun poked its head out. Good morning.