Summer Is ... Happy Fourth From The #JazzHands Family

Yesterday The Jazz Hands Family did something that was a first for us: we rode in a parade together.

It was the first time that my parents' neighborhood had a parade to celebrate the holiday. Always fans of going over the top, Mom and I raided the Dollar Tree for decorations for her Saab convertible. A number of intense *discussions* transpired...

Me: "Mom, *this* is how you fasten crepe paper to a bumper!"

Mom: "I gave you life!"

At the end of the day we put our decorating differences aside and climbed into the convertible, with our parade float driver (Dad) and chaperone Nate in his car seat. Hilarity ensued.

Before we left, Dad issued the warning, "Whatever falls off, stays off!" And off we went, speeding down the parkway to catch up with the parade route. (I shot photos from the back, trying to mimic the moves of more than a few photographers I've worked with who've hang out of cars to get the shots. Dad took photos with his iPhone [shhh]).

Nate wondered what he had done to be a part of this:

Dad and his co-pilot were able to jump in the middle of the parade.

They came from far and wide to see the magic of the Saab. Nate was a trooper and yelled "Happy Fourth!" to everyone:


I really liked riding on the back and practicing the pageant wave.

I did get myself worked up right before thinking I should have crated a Lady Liberty costume. "Don't we have a Statue of Liberty crown," I said to Mom, who lamented our lack of said prop. Instead, I held this gigantic pinwheel repurposed from Nate's 5th birthday party. (The matching blue one sadly fell off the side of our "float," but we obeyed Dad's order [see above] and were heartened by the fact that a little girl on the parade route found it and reappropriated it as a lawn decoration.)

It was so much fun, we're already planning next year's *float*. Wherever and however you are celebrating, happy Fourth of July from the Jazz Hands Family!

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