Jazz Hands Family Welcomes Henry (Part II)

Phew, what a weekend! After the great yoga debacle of 2011 (see update in my previous post) I've had some time to regain equilibrium. We spent yesterday afternoon at the pool (where thankfully no one asked if I was preggers) and I had a great night at church.

Tomorrow we leave for a much needed beach trip. Shane's brother Mark and sister-in-law Terry were so kind to ask us to join them in Santa Rosa Beach. Amazingly, this is actually my first trip to this part of the Gulf Coast (!). We've just always vacationed elsewhere, including my hometown of Clearwater, Florida. Looking forward to exploring and disconnecting a bit.

It'll be great to spend time with Shane's family after last week spending time with mine. My nephew Henry is home. This photo from the hospital made me smile. I mean, is this the modern paparazzi or what?



Of course I welcomed Henry with his first official Jazz Hands Family apparel. Isn't he cute?



Next thing you know, he'll be indoctrinated into Shaw Family Basement Dance Parties (TM).

This is also a special week for me because a story that I've worked on for months -- one about how Southerners have coped with the devastating storms of April 27 -- is appearing in the pages of the magazine. I'll write more about that shortly. But for now, family. And Jazz Hands.


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