Why Birmingham? My reasons and the debut of WhyBhm

I'm honored to be among the first people featured on Why Bham, a website that features stories about why individuals chose to call Birmingham home.

The video was shot by my friend Pierce, who created the Why Bham project as a way to showcase the many reasons we're proud to call The Magic City home. (I've written about Pierce's other project,  Agile Self Development Birmingham, here. Though I'm a bit of a dropout on that!)

Pierce, who recruits software developers at Intermark, started Why Bham as a tool to recruit employees. The project has grown into much more. As he says, Why Bham has become a reflection of indivdual's relationships with the city -- a love letter really.

Like any relationship, it's not always roses (which I allude to in the video). But at the end of the day, in these stories are the reasons about why we come back, and why we stay. 

I should note that as a journalist, it's always a bit odd being the one answering the questions instead of asking, and Pierce did a great job making me feel at ease. (Plus I was the first one to be taped. No pressure!)

Thanks to him for helping us tell the story of: Why Birmingham? Click on this link to watch the video, and to see several others, including a number of my friends who are doing great work in our city. And if you'd like to nominate someone, I bet he'd welcome that. The more diverse the experiences the better. After al, that's what we're all about in Birmingham.

He's @piercingwit or drop him a line at whybhm (at) piercingwit (dot) com.


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