Dreams coming true: Birmingham Airport Gets A Starbucks, Sailing On The Disney Dream

I never thought I would actually see this day:

Birmingham Airport has a Starbucks! I literally let out a little yelp when I saw it's Green Mermaid at the end of Terminal C. Every time I come to this airport (which is a lot) I grumble about their not being a Starbucks.

Fellow travelers rejoice. Birmingham has made it.

And, in the buried lede, getting ready to fly to Orlando with my family to sail on the Disney Dream. I'm super excited about beign able to experience this with them. Even better than a grande skinny latte is having them with me to share in the journey.

Internet service will be spotty, and I am purposefully going to try to disconnect for a few days. Already shaking a bit with the prospect of not being able to Tweet constantly, but this will be good. A little quiet and a lot of dreams.