Royal Wedding, A World Away From Birmingham. [Keep Calm and Carry On]


Light is breaking in Birmingham, and the world has a new princess.

Much has been written about people not caring about the wedding. And in the past few days, such pomp and circumstance seems even more a world away from Alabama, where tornadoes ripped apart communities just two days ago. Some people said it was wrong to even pay attention to it.

Yesterday, watching the death toll rise, I stared at the blinking cursor in my screen, stunned by the devastation in nearby towns. We, like most of our friends, were unscathed. Hearing the reports of people searching for loved ones, it was difficult to concentrate.

Like many, I felt helpless hearing the reports. I signed up to volunteer with Hands On Birmingham, which is mobilizing volunteers. Shane sent cases of water and snacks with a neighbor who was going to Tuscaloosa. He checked in with his students, all of whom were thankfully OK, just without power.

I spent the day writing a story, and later with my family. I was fortunate.

And this morning I woke up to an alarm set to church bells, poured a cup of coffee, and escaped to another part of the world where things were picture perfect.

How lucky they are. How lucky we are. Such a dichotomy of the images there and the images here. But that is the way things are: both exist. And in between, we keep calm and carry on. And help.

To find out about opportunities to help in Alabama, visit: updated list

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