When Life Hands You New York: Carol Channing and #JazzHandsFamily News!

Photo: Tribeca Film Festival


I never know what my days are going to entail. Many are quiet, with lots and lots of cups of green tea at my desk, while I write and edit stories, plan photo shoots, go to meetings and check Twitter. But other days big opportunities happen, things so surreal and wonderful that I have to go for them.

Today was one of those days.

With scary storms brewing outside, I drove home early to get to Nate. A fifth party to plan -- tomorrow morning to be exact -- including lots of decoration assembly and field games planning (that'll be a separate blog post). Normal stuff, right?

But, on my way home, came a bit of joy. I called my brother to congratulate him on his new job with MTV (!). So proud of him for taking this step. We talked about getting together to celebrate. (I'm going to be in DC late next week for work, just a train ride away from NYC.) And then came the phone call:

Ryan had been invited to attend The Tribeca Film Festival Premier of a documentary about Carol Channing "Larger Than Life," and an after party to celebrate her 90th birthday. Would I like to be his "Plus One?" Would I?

So, get ready, New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Haven't seen you in about a year and a half. But I'll be arriving via train in about a week. Carol Channing + The Shaws = Jazz Hands Family overload!