First Meeting of The Alabama Social Media Association #WowWednesday


Just a few hours out from the inaugural meeting of the Alabama Social Media Association(ALSOCME), and I'm still blown away by the community response. It was thrilling to look out in the crowd and see so many faces of old and new friends. Especially excited by the new friends part, since we are really working to educate anyone in our community who is interested in learning how to build relationships, connect, and support their mission through technology.

I can't say enough about the volunteers, community partners, sponsors, and the great speaker - Ike Pigott - who made today such a success. Everyone went out of their way to help our organization shine, and I'm inspired by everyone involved.

I'd like to personally encourage attendees and friends to support the businesses who took a chance and supported us for this first meeting, including:

The Hill Event Center at the Alabama Theatre(a gorgeous space!)

Zoe's Kitchen (who were so generous with their amazing food, and extra chocolate cake to go around)

Arik Sokol Photography (if you need someone to shoot stills or video, he is your man)

Archer Creative (can't wait to see the footage from this tag team duo)

Griffin Technology (cool door prizes, sure wish I could have registered!)

Instant Sign Center  (excellent professional signs with a super fast turnaround)


The past couple of months have been a whirlwind as we've started this group. I've learned from everyone involved, from Sunday afternoon planning sessions fueled by cookies to insightful suggestions from our volunteers at today's meeting.  And I'm thrilled beyond my little Tweeting heart at the prospect of continuing that learning -- from everyone involved.

But ... we've only just begun!

If you have ideas for future programming, partnerships, sponsorships, or anything else, please feel free to contact me or anyone on the board. Plus, check out for announcements about our next educational meeting in May ... it's going to be another big one!

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